Looks like the average nuke, going to go ahead and assume 50 megatons like the tsar bomba so city level. Correct me if I'm wrong but when the Demon King gave out the commandments, he split his power in half and split that split up power into 10 commandments. 8/12/2020. Meliodas can use all of his powers 24/7 while Escanor’s is limited. Demon King Zeldris has an estimated power level of around 750,000. Ban post purgatory is truly strong, not as strong as the Demon King but he is incredibly strong. Escanor’s highest record power was 114,000 yet for a minute (High Noon) Escanor surpassed Meliodas’ Assault Mode power level of 142,000. "That would take too much time," Meliodas says. It takes some time for the rejection to take effect, to avoid rejection all of the commandments need to be absorbed. After that, for their treason, the Demon King and the Supreme Deity put a curse on Meliodas and Elizabeth. This is assuming that esta was able to completely draw out the commandments power, which I'm thinking is not possible as it takes some time to absorb them completely without any rejection. Also why are we using all this calc logic? You've really lost me here, I'm not sure what exactly you're arguing for. Mountain level naruto characters are far below that. Glad we can agree. He also had black pants with matching colored boots. So fan calcs (headcanon) with set amount of joules to signify a tier is a far better system than using on panel evidence to infer a feat? He is capable of killing a Commandment in a single blow, as seen through the way he disintegrated Fraudrin. Meliodas’s power level in Berserk mode is 10,300, which is much lower than his power levels of Assault mode. it's 2x2x2x2 power … Not sure what you're both getting at, VS debating sure does have a warped sense of scale. Plus Galan already wiped out half a town with a casual swing. I see your point, like the mountains that Galand sliced through are obviously far smaller than a city but considering how tough mountains are to destroy I'm sure if you wanted to calc it then you'd get enough force to level a city which is around 50 megatons. @undre: The average height of a tree in the UK (where NNT is set) is around 20 meters. Meliodas is a ''beast'' because the author has such a hard-on for him and gives continuous plot armour + power-ups for him even when he doesn't need it. He has remained there ever since, devouring the inhabitants of Purgatory to gain power. Kirinji/Shutara/Shinji/Unohana/Isshin/Kirio/Shunsui(no hax)/Urahara(no hado 99)/Ukitake/Tessai/Hachi(with spam s/t headlop)/Bambietta/Bazz B/RG Renji/RG Rukia/Barragan(Respira)/Ginjo (Bankai). cutting off multiple mountain tops could be as low as town level. Like it is in a very different vein to the Galand feat in which we clearly see it slicing off mountain tops and busting the top of a mountain. DK Meliodas also decimated the top tiers and he hasn't moved an inch yet. In general, it feels like SD's graces are stronger than DK's curses. But you're right this is large city level... but how is this relevant? Assault mode Meliodas (143 000 PL) and noon escanor tanked a Full Countered Cruel Sun that exploded on the Perfect Cube (FC returns at "more than 2x the original power" = 2x again the earlier 2x). Incorporating that, my guess would be that the Demon Kings range of power would roughly be around 650,000 - 750,000. Now, I believe Ban’s power level is only around 200k but his newfound powers are just too overpowered and perfect against the Demon King particularly Inversion. Like even if you want to lowball, those shockwaves would OBLITERATE a city. Anyways, have a nice day! And shes absolute fodder to everyone on the list. I will post the calc when i do it. So since 461,000 is half of Demon King's power, his estimated power level would two times of that, totaling to 922,000. See which character stands where between these fighters. Galand busts the top of Escanors bar and slices mountain tops on panel, I'm calling them as I see it and not just assuming. From Estarossas' recent powerup from taking in the commandment of truth, he got a buff of 30k~ to his strength stat. slicing mountain tops isn't mountain level. 19. Its best to use actual units like joules or kilotons instead of loose definitions like town/mountain level. The only known victim is the Goddess Elizabeth and the only way to remove the curse is to obtain a level of power equivalent to the Supreme Deity or the Demon King, if not superior. Busting a multi mile mountain with a single explosion ? So if you want to blow up a 300 meter conical mountain with 300 meter radius by placing explosives inside various parts of it, you would need 25 kilotons of TNT. It depends on the mean particle size and the type of rock. So Meliodas was bascially born as a child with a power level of 300 (this is a fact, this isn't made up, and this was stated in the official guide book), which 20 times stronger than an human child. Still should be in town-large town level even with multiplying by 100s because it was just a shockwave. Picture: DK Meliodas DESTROYING the Perfect Cube. B4 “mountain level” feats, unless the size of the mountain is given as above a km it can be greatly lower than city level. @saltysultan: have you ever seen stone blasting ? He has no wat around reality warping, 2- Like you said he only cut the tops of small mountains, 3- Yes i know that. @godren: Depends on the size of the town and I'm pretty sure shockwaves that traveled for miles and cleanly sliced through the top of a mountain which is composed of hard solid granite and rock is far superior to destroying a couple of wooden stone towns. I doubt he'd let them do such a thing and 2. sealing their entire clan doesn't seem like something that would occur instantaneously. However, at night it’s as low as 15. Galand for sure is mountain+ .Remeber Escanor tanked his attack.It would do more damage if Esca didnt tanked it. Shockwave would do massive damage to a city but not because it is as strong as a nuke, but because it was a thin-focused shockwave that could cut things.