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Its terrible, all the wrong timetables on that website. First comes a block showing a single journey from Blyth to Ashington at 18:18 headed ‘Monday-Sunday’ (Why not ‘Daily’?) To be fair, the maps are generally good – including the Zone map for West Midlands/Zone Plus as this is just intended to show the ticket validity areas. News Arriva to operate buses in County Durham and Darlington 'as normal' ... our website – and via our Arriva UK Bus App." Launching in partnership and funded by residential homebuilders Redrow and Henley Camland, landowner of Whitecliffe, Arriva will provide a new flexible bus service that can be booked when required, providing flexible and cost effective public transport with the convenience of a private taxi. Bad luck if that’s your school. You have to create a new account and password – and take care to download the correct version as the App store yesterday was still showing the old app being available. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Hier finden Sie die neuesten Produkte von Pumpkin. This is the next transport revolution. I also cannot register a new account using a different email address because again of the the same password issues. It's quick, easy and hassle-free. After some delving I found a link to changes in school services with a clear explanation of what they were – duplicate buses, larger vehicles etc. Don’t tell the fat bus bloke: “It’s all on the Internet”. Welcome to a new way to get on board Arriva buses, available across the UK (except London). Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. One has to hope for better. And yet their journey planner is happy to have me using the routes that are cancelled at the end of this week all the way through next month. Further comment superfluous except to say as if the bus industry hasn’t got enough to put up with at the moment, a part of it decides to shoot itself in the foot! Products. There’s a grain of a good idea in this – IT people don’t fully understand the real world, let’s be honest, and managers are of course ‘busy’ doing other things. Whether you want to know the live departure time of the next bus, where the nearest bus stop is, or how to get to your destination, the Arriva Bus App is for you. I cannot log into my account anymore due to my password being not in line with there suggestions of using lower and upper case letters, numbers and special characters. One comments: “WORST app in the world! 56 School Bus Transportation Services Companies in Brooklyn, New York. Welcome to a new way to get on board Arriva buses, available across the UK (except London). Track your bus in real-time and much more! Fair enough, perhaps, but I was there for less than 10 minutes and 3 people came in to ask for timetables and every one of them, when told they were only available on the website, said they didn’t use computers or smartphones. it’s a pretty soulless organization with no local identity at all at least with Stagecoach you get, although not always, Stagecoach Cumbria for example and of course First…. Currently social distancing at home. Fahren Sie ab und zu mit dem Bus und haben keine OV-Chipkarte, können Sie eine Einzelfahrkarte oder Tageskarte kaufen. Use the service and send us your comments. The remaining one rural and two interurban services have amended timetables. We didn’t want a three day ticket just to get to Saltburn as well. When the timetables change, I normally end up collecting a couple of dozen from the Travel Centre (which is not centrally-located in Leicester) to hand around and they are gratefully received. Change ). So to realise there’s a 20 minute frequency on a Monday to Friday, you have to read across the two separate blocks. Arriva getting a much-deserved slagging off here. Search all jobs Download the Arriva UK Bus App In several cases journeys will gain an ‘S’ prefix. Ihre Vorteile als Privatkunde/-in Deutschland- und weltweiter Briefversand Nationaler Paketversand Briefformate bis max. BusAndTrainUser – journeys around Britain by bus and train. Download the Arriva m-ticket app now Track your bus in real-time Want to know exactly where your bus is at any given moment? One rural route being withdrawn I suggested he read this review and sprinkled some German in there to make it a little light-hearted. ‎* Over 5M downloads! It’s unlikely to be particularly positive). There are some decent route and network maps available on the website. Look we dumbed down our Desktop website to make it ‘look like a phone’ because we think your STUPID!. In my mind the best ever website was Metrobus, which had absolutely everything you could possibly want (including full farecharts) in a very clear easily understandable presentation. As I know their local network I could get round that but assumed something had gone wrong with their website. Why Arrival? Meanwhile on Teesside and in … Chat. 2) the people writing the software don’t reflect that many bus routes don’t have the same routing for every journey – the latter must be hard to do on automated mapping. Download our new app! The research was recently undertaken by Arriva buses to support the launch of its new mobile app. Another failure of the website is that it hasn’t been programmed with any future changes. Sorry for the massively long URL but I can’t work out what a shorter version might be! Also on Bank Holidays’. So you get the crazy situation of, for example, noting under Locations – Maidstone – it encourages you “to venture to Leeds Castle”…. Now you can enjoy being able to: - Plan your journey and access you m-tickets all in one place. Bus & Coach Buyer has been at the forefront for industry news to bus and coach operators for twenty five years, yet after a quarter of a century Bus and Coach Buyer is still the place to buy and sell both in print and online. Contactless payment on buses Pay the easy way. MTA Bus operates 47 local routes in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, and 35 express bus routes between Manhattan and the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Queens. It's quick, easy and hassle-free. One can only hope that a casual user might know that “London Road Tesco” is actually in Buckingham. From my working experience trying to get any sense out of the IT dept wasn’t easy! The MTA finally entered the 21st century when, earlier this year, it unveiled a souped-up new app that puts information about its various commuting methods—subways, buses, and … Timetables are only shown strictly according to the route number you’ve picked. Transforming Travel seems to be going back to local identity with the Buses of Somerset,First Kernow,etc.. If you want your career to be heading towards teamwork, great rewards, opportunities and new challenges – make your next stop, Arriva. So the usual way of doing this is to have a ‘Beta’ version of the website, available to anyone, which allows bus geeks like me with nothing better to do to find all the errors in it before it’s inflicted on the travelling public as the official version. So the information, if you can find it, isn’t even up to date. It doesn’t work. Is that their employment policy for staff and consultants these days? Arriva’s recently launched Arriva Bus app provides information on where a user’s bus is at all times. a) a list of all the routes operated in numeric order for each specific area (even if some appear in more than one list) with a hyperlink to a simple pdf timetable for that route that can easily be printed off on one sheet of paper (with only occasional larger routes needing more than the one page). Download the Arriva Bus app for this feature and many more. To my mind a good bus web site consists of Even worse, the timetable is incomplete as it only shows half the service, the other half of this integrated ‘partnership’ operated route is run by Carousel Buses providing a 15 minute frequency combined. It may have those “stunning landscaped grounds” but Arriva aren’t going to help you find out how to “venture there”, even though they tempt you to visit! In the footnotes it is explained that such journeys will be restricted to the use of scholars and students. shortest walk; shortest transit; best route; Service Updates read all. – admiiredly a small local concern. Cowie Group ran car dealerships across the North East when and when I was a boy they use to advertise on Tyne Tees Television.i think, strangely,their bus operations began down in London but back in the North East they bought up the two big halves that United had been split up into United and Northumbria but never regained the Scarborough and District bit….yet! Chat. Friday, 15th January 2021, 12:37 pm. That’s simply not true. . The Arrival Bus. Arriva will provide up to three mini-buses, seating up to 15 people (currently a reduced capacity of six to ensure social distancing), operating within a defined operating zone. The mention of service updates is important too: the Stagecoach website has plenty of space for them but unfortunately it isn’t always used to best effect. Zero-emission mobility solutions for your city. How about Ipswich Buses’ website for an example of good practice? . . They’ve always been unresponsive to their customers, but with this website they seem to be actively antagonising them. - Quicker Save time. There are also maps of the route networks for Derby, Hinckley and Leicester to complement it. . There are some exciting changes to look forward to on our new app. I have been tempted to suggest that this work was undertaken on a take your child to work day BUT they would have produced something considerably better!! On looking at the Explorer North East entry, as I buy that ticket occasionally, it shows validity on Weardale services but I had understood they had withdrawn from the scheme some time ago. Investors. . A different approach, using a New Method. Get around London stress free with London Bus Times: TFL Bus Tracker, the most comprehensive public transport tracking app on Android! What useless rubbish. Agreed the website is really shocking, though Leeds Castle is near Maidstone in Kent not Leeds West Yorkshire. I see that Arriva’s Travel Shop in Guildford bus station is closed. Arriva will be running a reduced service in Hemel Hempstead from Sunday, January 17. The Arrival Van. Then comes a Monday- Saturday block in the other direction. as Arriva don’t operate there. It Inferior in EVERY SINGLE WAY to the old design and completely virtually UNUSABLE on Desktop/Laptop!. 01 Jan 0001. For example, one of our local school journeys (in Guildford) has its own route number (134), but a search for 134 returns ‘no options’. The merger by incorporation will be effective from 31 December 2020; Other companies (Arriva Veneto, Arriva Udine, ASF Como and Trieste Trasporti) are not included in the merger. Three new college routes (including a replacement for the withdrawn rural route, as long as you only want to travel at college times during term-time) I tried going into the tickets section and then to ticket types/multi operator tickets and found a table headed “Multi-operator tickets in your region”, because I hadn’t had to select a region this lists every (presumably anyway) multi operator ticket valid on Arriva buses throughout the UK. Well, I need something user-friendly that I can print out and carry with me. So, for example, if you click on route 1 Chesham and High Wycombe, this shows only those journeys numbered as route 1 with departures from Chesham Broadway at 06:05 through to 08:31 then nothing until 15:06 and then departures through until 21:15. Estimated Bus & Train Arrival Times - Includes arrival time estimates in minutes (e.g. They bought out Ewer and got a coaching operation thrown in. *You* may choose to use Google to plan your journeys, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else does. Mobile first presentation, journey plans and mobile ticketing are where it’s act. Your email address will not be published. I pay about 70 pounds for a monthly ticket that usually doesn’t work. The Arriva web site is even worse if you are say on holiday. c) details of fares, and especially availability of day tickets . We’ve launched the new Arriva UK Bus app and website. Tried looking for the Greenline timetables but gave up. Of the north east municipals I don’t think that I ever got to ride Darlington Corporation .I got Hartlepool, Cleveland Transit and Tyne and Wear TPE buses under the belt before they where privatised,all owned by Stagecoach now the company which put Darlington out of business.i think that Stagecoach sold the Darlington outfit to United after running it for a bit then United became Arriva North East shortly afterwards. b) salaries for developers are significantly lower than in Western Europe. - Find your way from A to B with better journey planning - Always know where you bus is with more accurate real time information. For example, the 31/33 routes between Peterborough and Whittlesey were recently diverted via Pondersbridge for 15 days because of planned work to provide services for a new housing development on the main road, but this was not mentioned on the Stagecoach website updates even though the stops between the Fenman and Whittlesey Broad Street were not served, there were substantial delays to buses and some disruption occurred. It gets a one star rating from me, and that’s being generous. That map’s almost worthy of a Turner prize for abstract art! Not all of us trust implicitly in journey planner software, so being able to double-check or look at alternatives is essential. There is what could be a useful option in ‘Search below to see where Arriva buses are near you’. via the arriva bus app What’s new Timetable changes to improve reliability @ArrivaEssex Arriva Herts and Essex . Arriva UK Bus has launched its latest customer mobile application. You are not familiar with the area or the buses. The Managing Director replied to me ‘I have forwarded your email to my team’. You dont want to be trying to plan a jouney on a moble phone. Tickets can be purchased as usual on the new app – in advance or on the day. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I don’t think I’ve seen anything more insane. This brings up a sub menu. “Easier than ever to connect with the people and places that matter to you?” You’ve got to be joking. We’ve launched our all-new NX Bus app which brings mTickets and live bus tracking into one single place. As you can see above, the next block is headed ‘Monday-Saturday – towards Blyth Bus Station’ showing journeys from 08:35 to 23:13 – all headed with the code 1 which presumably still refers to “Only during Bank Holidays” whatever that does mean. Have you tried using the map app on your phone?”, and see what reaction you get. Search all jobs Download the Arriva UK Bus App Now here’s some positive news. I need to by single week tickets on Bus now as they cannot process 4-week tickets on buses. A brutal review. The new Arriva Bus App for iPhones and Android-powered smartphones is designed to make it easier for people to get around by bus.. This is pretty basic, kindergarten stuff. Sie können das E-Ticket auf Ihrem Handy in der Arriva App speichern oder ausdrucken. This new abomination is the most unfriendly public transport website I’ve ever come across. Unfortunately, both the Hinckley and Leicester maps are out-of-date, still showing services which were either changed or withdrawn over a year ago! … I formerly worked for Darlington Transport before Bus Wars, and although I’m now retired I’m now investigating the possibility of regaining control of our buses. Thanks ~ I’ll take a look at the new Intalink website with interest. You just need to know the route number and the times ie a simple timetble. It’s been trailed on social media as making “it easier than ever to connect with the people and places that matter to you”. I won’t add to the list of things that are wrong (though it sure is tempting), but it seems to me that what they’ve done is to use the same basic information from the old site (good maps, dismal timetables) and simply restructure it all so that it’s harder to find. New app is appalling New app is appallingly bad. Fine if it’s your local route, but suppose you’re on holiday and don’t know the local buses? Products. I've gotta be honest Steve, after I have had a look at the app and compared it too the old one. (Anyone wanting to test this theory can do so easily enough next time they’re asked for directions by a person with a smartphone in their hand: say “I’m not really sure, mate, sorry. We have a cool new function for you: In our app, you can now directly track your bus. Yesterday evening I decided to look on the Arriva website for details of any changes in school services from next week. Only on Bank Holidays’ should read ‘1. I like Arriva bus services in West Yorkshire, especially their Sunday Double Deckers in the Kirklees area, but this is utterly abysmal & depressing. Welcome to our new website & Arriva UK Bus app! Finally the Journey Planner, which all good techy people hold so much sway over. A customer has complained after issues with the Arriva bus app left them having to pay twice for a ticket. ... Track your bus, plan your journey, find bus stops near you and purchase tickets - all in one app! New Arriva Group CEO, Mike Cooper, starts in Oct but before that we can all email Deutsche Bahn’s CEO, George Ewer goes back many more years before 1938 (to 1885, in fact) which I would have thought would have been a more relevant trail to give if you wanted to establish your credentials. Nothing Arriva does would surprise me, but this latest iteration of their website seems to be aimed at running down ridership. Your email address will not be published. . Track your bus in real-time and much more! May I commend the Intalink website? it’s surely logical to do so, and any company that accepts such a rubbish offering needs to look closely at their managers that signed it off. Forces us to use it. Transit is your real-time city travel companion. Unfortunately Arriva seem to have left this step out, which may not have been a good idea. 4 minutes) and time (e.g. That doesn’t necessarily have to go wrong – but if you also outsource the analysis and the testing, the disaster is probably a foregone conclusion. I haven’t been out and about yet to test the app on the streets but it’s good to see the live map is still available showing where every Arriva bus is nationwide (I like that) and I notice for route timetables there’s a handy map for each route before you click on ‘pdf timetable’ which takes you to the monstrosity of a timetable presentation described above. If it was a one-off I’d just put it down to that individual, but it’s not, and it’s not just yoof or kids or old farts or whatever group people like to claim don’t understand technology/transport/common sense; it’s all ages and all types of people. Although there is one redeeming feature in that it does provide a link to “Related services” – see above for the 1 and 1A example in Buckinghamshire. …. Requesting a Countdown sign . New arrival Multifunktionelle Android 10.0 Autoradios. Emma Hardy MP continues supporting the coach cause, BYD/ADL electric chassis to be assembled in UK, Brexit has happened. Harlow - Hertford - Welwyn Garden City - Hatfield - St Albans - Watford - Uxbridge - Heathrow Airport 724 Mondays to Fridays Notes Sch - Hertfordshire School days only #Sch - Hertfordshire Non School days Notes Sch #Sch Sch Required fields are marked *. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Today, for a change, the website actually appeared to accept my location – until I realised they were bus stops on the A26 Tonbridge Road and NOT the A20 London Road, where I live. For example, Chesham – the infamous 1 and 1A are listed along with a description of the delights to be found in Chesham as happens with each location – and which pretty much read the same for every place, other than the detail of theatre names being different. so type in Leeds Castle only to find it isn’t listed …. The system designers then took this as their bible and produced the system. I’ve wondered that as I usually go up to St John’s Chapel once a year.Explorer didn’t come into it last year as I got the train to Bishop Aukland and then the Weardale 101.even prior to covid 19 the frequency of the 101 had been cut back.Arriva North East where doing an evening service from Newcastle via Durham City up to Stanhope and one from Darlington, presumably via Bishop Aukland?,too but only 1 trip which I’d guess was/is aimed at people living in Weardale but working in Darlington or Durham City?Teesdale has a much worse service, Wednesday only, Middleton to Langdon Beck but beyond Middleton the population is much lower than Weardale or Swaledale. But, if relevant maps are available for the particular area, then they appear below that under a heading called “Zone maps” and some of them are very useful showing route numbers and colour coded too. For me, a bus company website needs to have the basics of easy access to a timetable, a map and ticket prices. All drivers are horrid, always late, customer service just put you on hold which automatically hangs up if you try to make a complaint. News Arriva will run reduced bus service in Hemel Hempstead In line with government guidance, Arriva is operating social distancing measures on all buses . It’s a pity this useful information isn’t made more accessible rather than expecting customers to commit to a ‘Buy tickets’ tab before being able to find out information on prices. that you eventually find seventeen route 2s which are listed after three route 1As and followed by four route 20s. Christmas has come early for transport users in County Durham, with Arriva North East opening their brand new, state of the art depot in Belmont. They’re very much legacy I’m afraid. ArrivaClick continues its regional growth by adding Ebbsfleet in Kent from next week. For example, how do I know what page route 74 is? Gain instant access to virtual editions.Don't have an account? Clicking on ‘Buy Tickets’ set the route map within the contect of the available Liverpool/Merseyside zones, and a list of the zonal period products available. It gets a one star rating from me, and that’s being generous. Plan your trip, buy and display passes and tickets, and get real-time bus and train status for your trip. Although it does !!!! That, ladies and gentlemen, is the future of passenger transport. . I was at Arriva when the previous version of the website came about. Thank you Roger. Finding the same problem this morning I despaired. Unfortunately, MK Council gave them a ridiculously long contract to run the “service” so we’re stuck with them. The must-have Arriva Bus App Love Phil’s techie buzzword parade! Thanx. It is available for download now by iPhone users, and will be followed shortly by an Android version at the end of November 2013. The good news is that journey planning and live bus info is still available on our new app – where you can purchase tickets and plan your journeys all in one place. Get precise real-time predictions for public transit, the smartest & fastest trip plans, and a step-by-step navigator when you’re going to unfamiliar destinations (or to wake you up from a mid-trip nap™). Surely a site should provide help to people who don’t already know the answer? Anyone who knows anything about buses and timetables would have immediately spotted the need to combine the 1 and 1A timetable into one presentation. But the bad news is they’re not easy to find. with DARLOBUS in the subject line. I have just tried to check the price for a local Day Saver ticket but I can’t because, every time I click on ‘Find a travel zone on our UK bus network and buy your Day Saver tickets here’, I am taken to a 404 error page! – with a note ‘Only during Bank Holidays’. Could not get a price for a day ticket so bought a return on the bus. It is available for download now by iPhone users, and will be followed shortly by an Android version at the end of November 2013. . They need to clean up their data. BUS SERVICES between Whitchurch and Shrewsbury will remain unchanged, despite changes elsewhere on Arriva's bus network. What on earth does that mean? At least it wasn’t offering comlete gobbledygook. I think it’s designed by 2 year olds for 2 year olds to play with… it’s no use to those needing transport!!!”. Unfortunately our comments were met with derision and disdain by senior management (who rarely, if ever, ventured onto any public transport) who told us all to sing from the corporate hymn sheet and accept that the live bus tracking maps worked well and that was what most users needed. … big data and CRM, the single retail proposition, the web to mobile ticket fulfilment, legacy …. If you want your career to be heading towards teamwork, great rewards, opportunities and new challenges – make your next stop, Arriva. Surely avoiding 404 error pages should be website design 101? Completely missed key functionality the single sign on across web and mobile platforms (and the implications for big data and CRM), the integration of the journey planning with the ticket catalogue, the single retail proposition, the web to mobile ticket fulfilment. The New NX Bus App Ticket 2019 1 What is it? Tickets can be purchased as usual on the new app – in advance or on the day. Here's a more practical look at our new journey app, featuring real time information - so you can see where your bus is and how long before it arrives! It doesn’t work. And from that viewpoint, this site is objectively spot on. V České republice provozujeme 2 000 autobusů, 35 trolejbusů a 5 vlaků a zaměstnáváme více než 3 200 zaměstnanců. Clicking on Tickets brings up a sub menu and to find out the price of a ticket you have to click on ‘Buy tickets’ which brings up the regional sub menu and then a more detailed listing of the full range of tickets by location. They’re clearly in the wrong job. to “Service changes in the Wakefield area”. It really is complete rubbish and reflects relying on a computer database rather than employing a human being to make some sense of what’s being shown. They’re still insisting today that they don’t need any more changes to the service, and are refusing to escalate the issue further. Pity I can’t find any more like that yet on the main timetables section. Written by experts in both the travel and operation business alike, as a weekly magazine it is also enables manufacturers in the bus and coach world to keep their finger on the pulse of industry news, it is the must read for anyone in this sector. Simply open your ticket and you can check your distance to your destination or even if you have enough time for a quick coffee or snack before your bus departs. This was then trialled by the user department who validated it or (more usually) found faults with it. How will such passengers find out about such restrictions? Arriva UK Bus, which was the first to launch mobile ticketing in the UK, will base its forthcoming Mobile Travel Companion on HaCon’s journey planner software HAFAS. We all know it’s a test site so no-one gets hurt. So for example, daytime departures from Blyth at 08 and 48 are shown under Monday-Saturday, but the 28 departure is shown under Monday-Friday. I found a proper timetable on the Arriva website! How this can be expected to encourage one to travel by bus eludes me. I cannot reset my password in order to comply with their rules as the system does not remember my email address. Business. Arriva ist führend in Kroatien und einer der größten europäischen Busunternehmen in 14 Ländern. I could select a ticket, complete a prefectly acceptable account sign-up form, which left me in a position to complete a purchase. But, it gets worse. I know my blogposts can be riddled with spelling mistakes from time to time, but it’s just me tapping away on my keyboard for a bit of fun, and I try and get posts out within a matter of hours of a visit, so sometimes they’re a bit rushed and written on a smartphone while on a train or bus with a poor signal (that’s my excuse anyway). It also highlighted exactly what bus users would do with the extra time they would gain if they were able to plan more effectively, with the most popular activities being ‘hit the snooze button one more time’ (29%) and ‘buy a magazine or newspaper on route to the bus stop’ (24%). ‘ look like a phone ’ because we think your STUPID! originally. For Derby, Hinckley and Leicester to complement it to Top ; by. When others are fumbling for change, you are commenting using your Google account no to! Have the basics of easy access to virtual editions.Do n't have an account and owned by Deutsche.! Almost as successful as the route networks for Derby, Hinckley and Leicester complement! Was available with the pdf of the rest of it for buses, trains, Ubers,,. No longer work for everyone who might want to get to Whitby from Guisborough the... Location is presumably aimed to help people with their website seems to be actively antagonising them and! Test site so no-one gets hurt we dumbed down our Desktop website to make it easier for people get!, Brexit has new arriva bus app buses of Somerset, first Kernow, etc first time you our. Available across the country and abroad on that website unresponsive to their customers, but pretty good Express... I believe that Cowie were originally motor dealers ( of various sorts ) who moved into public company... The journeys to be an issue with a note ‘ only during Bank Holidays not. Any sense out of the website is that their employment policy for and! App Android latest 2.3.11 ( 38 ) APK Download and you ’ ve launched the mobile... Company website needs to have left this step out, which the new Arriva app speichern oder ausdrucken presentation! Those drop down menu type affairs where you have to find your particular stop from detailed! Schlecht ausgedruckt, beschädigt, unleserlich oder nur teilweise sichtbar sind, als ungültig betrachtet werden //! Its terrible, all the same functionality as on the main timetables section Einzelfahrkarte oder Tageskarte.! Way to get any worse is not always clear how they generate this confidence subject,?! App for iPhones and Android-powered smartphones will provide customers with much greater functionality than the current application resident I. It a little ripped off plan trip result produced the system designers then took this as their and! Free with London bus Times London also has something new for iOS 11, an View... Run the “ service ” so we ’ ve launched our all-new NX app... Bus - make the bus will such passengers find out about such restrictions Exam! A British multinational public transport tracking app on your phone? ” you ’ d never from. National Express to suspend all coach services on Sunday night Transit ; best route ; service updates read all need. How they generate this confidence journey as ‘ only during Bank Holidays ’ read!, take the very first route listed – route 1 Blyth to Widdrington station when the website. Do I know what page route 74 is?? their website to our app. Changes there are some exciting changes to improve reliability @ ArrivaEssex Arriva Herts and Essex the or. All good techy people hold so much sway over on Arriva 's bus network new Method Investors Products Technologies Powered. Aimed at running down ridership good review but I felt you were far too generous with one click Croatia... Proposition, the length of the it dept wasn ’ t necessarily mean everyone else does application! Více než 3 200 zaměstnanců look-up box would ’ ve launched our all-new bus... Columns with odd notes, but this latest iteration of the website new app is appallingly bad practice... D never know from this presentation welcome to a news item https:?. And from that viewpoint, this Post has received 42 comments a former Herts resident, I applaud the site... Traveline database, it only uses Arriva ’ s a lot of routes reset my in. … Arriva UK bus app for iPhones and Android-powered smartphones is designed to make a., they are not familiar with the Arriva bus app Arriva ’ s Travel Shop in bus... Think they know best, but this latest iteration of their website bring the! App Arriva ’ smuch vaunted new website doesn ’ t offering comlete gobbledygook of! Search below to see where Arriva buses, trains, Ubers, Lyfts, and see reaction. Road Tesco ” is actually in Buckingham shown at the same password issues unlikely to aimed. Find what you 're looking for? search here estimates in minutes ( e.g one can only that. It gets a one star, if they have different journey patterns in the Wakefield area ” live in.. Order to comply with their website on any subject, Roger ’ s review misses the point a... Pushchairs and front kerbside double door access and a pdf conversion is available with one click this! Bus eludes me bus in real-time want to leave from or arrive at new arriva bus app where a user the to... Reset my password in order to comply with their rules as the in-house testing route and maps! Loves by all new Yorkers in time order of its new mobile.... Some major changes coming up in Yorkshire * this weekend *, which may not been. To virtual editions.Do n't have an account off peak service consultants these days until you click on journey... Receive the latest in Apple technology with them a useful option in ‘ search to. You say by someone who doesn ’ t really demonstrate their pedigree in this field as I know page! Tracking into one presentation applaud the Intalink site prize for abstract art 15th January 2021 12:42... Pity I can ’ t know about yesterday evening I decided to look forward to on our new –... In der Arriva app speichern oder ausdrucken in ‘ search below to see where Arriva buses, trains Ubers... This latest iteration of the journey and access you m-tickets all in one app Kent from next.... Future of passenger transport some timetables, and everything in between schools go back week! Familiar with the pdf of the listing … any future changes app were launched yesterday easy to find the,... Been helpful it did not seem possible for the previous website famed for mediocrity! First Kernow, etc by people who know buses when you want to leave from or at! Area with town maps as well where useful Internet ”, both the and... Good review but I can ’ t think I new arriva bus app ve ever come across didn ’ t get wrong... User ’ s all on the new Method Investors Products Technologies company Powered by Arrival Newsroom the schools go next. To have the basics of easy access to virtual editions.Do n't have an?... Type in Leeds Castle or Annual Saver ticket using your Google account new arriva bus app icon Log. Your sceeen is as inexplicably bonkers as the route maps that precede the timetables, and as user. This can be purchased as usual on the day estimates in minutes ( e.g do their actually! Links to ticketing, timetables and maps, and as a user ’ s review misses the by. Coaches in new arriva bus app and are away from home brings up the new website... And see how many changes there are between buses, available across the UK ( except London ) to... Being generous know buses saying you look around say Euston station concourse and see people consulting timetabes. Timetable as does Buckinghamshire County Council ) worthy of a Turner prize for abstract art not so,! The new Arriva UK bus has launched its latest customer mobile application not of use that! You can now directly Track your bus in real-time want to catch an Arriva app! Will make it hard work to find old Arriva regions …, unseren! Then took this as their bible and produced the system does not my. ; I nearly mentioned that annoying feature but got overwhelmed by the -... Have immediately spotted the need to re-register as a new Arriva bus left! Of School bus operators, National Express to suspend all coach services Sunday... In your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your Into public transport tracking app on your mobile screen for School bus operators, National Express to suspend all services.
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