His system will reduce the re-operation rate for spine surgery patients. Unit-specific information available here. There were two major reasons I chose to study at UBC. UBC Biomedical Engineering researchers work in a wide range of areas. He previously completed a MASc developing real-time ultrasound bone segmentation for pelvic fractures. The number of RAs offered will vary depending on lab and research space as well as available funding. To update the application inquiries contact details please use this form. Students with taxable income in Canada may be able to claim federal or provincial tax credits. Biomedical Engineering is a distinct field that encompasses engineering disciplines, biology, life sciences, medicine, clinical applications, and the improvement of human health. This research contributes to our understanding and assessment of brain diseases. A Graduate Research Assistantship is a form of financial support for a period of graduate study and is, therefore, not covered by a collective agreement. JAMES BAYLIS, PHD ‘ 18, BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING “Engineering at UBC has taught me how vast and mysterious the path is for advancing medical products from proof-of-concept to the clinic.” In 2012, I completed my BSc in biophysics at UBC and began graduate studies in biomedical engineering at the Faculty of Applied Science in partnership with the Michael Smith Laboratories. Principal Investigator Dena Shahriari, PhD Assistant Professor Department of Orthopaedics School of Biomedical Engineering Principal Investigator, ICORD dena.shahriari@ubc.ca shahriari@icord.org Education and Training Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA. The conclusions of his work will lead to the introduction of new therapeutic strategies in orthopaedic surgery. Please review the specific requirements for applicants with credentials from institutions in: Each program may set higher academic minimum requirements. Many programs require a statement of interest, sometimes called a "statement of intent", "description of research interests" or something similar. Magnetic Drug Implant Combined with blood coagulation characterizations, his work can enhance the current management for aneurysm patients via patient-specific modelling. Applicants to UBC have access to a variety of funding options, including merit-based (i.e. The Biomedical Engineering program also provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies or professional degrees in medicine, engineering, pharmacy, law, or business. Delaram Behnami. Data are separated for each degree program combination. Graduates continue on to PhD programs as well as research and development positions in industry and other institutions. Of these, career information was obtained for 7 alumni (based on research conducted between Feb-May 2016): The PhD program in Biomedical Engineering is designed to prepare students for employment in the public or private sector, or to pursue further studies. Opportunities for interdisciplinary education and research exist in areas such as biomechanics, biomaterials, biochemical processing, cellular engineering, imaging, medical devices, micro-electro-mechanical implantation Please note that many graduate programs provide funding packages that are substantially greater than $18,000 per year. Explore our three graduate programs and how to apply. The duties usually constitute part of the student's graduate degree requirements. Teaching assistantship rates are set by collective bargaining between the University and the Teaching Assistants' Union. Students are expected to complete their candidacy examination within 18 months and complete doctoral dissertation research within three to four years. Dr. Jayhooni developed a novel side-viewing Raman endoscopic catheter enabled with a micro-stepping actuator for detecting cancers in the respiratory system and other human organs. The database lists merit-based scholarships and awards and allows for filtering by various criteria, such as domestic vs. international or degree level. Here, you can choose from more than 300 graduate degree program options and 2000+ research supervisors. PhD with a Previous Undergraduate Degree or Course-based Master's Degree. Our momentum is palpable. In exceptional cases, applicants from Canadian or US institutions who hold a bachelor's degree with an overall average in the A grade range and who demonstrate advanced research ability may be granted direct admission to our doctoral degree program. Dr. Wang studied the corrosion process of hip implants and the associated clinical failures. Biomedical Engineering integrates engineering and technology design to medicine and biological systems for healthcare purposes and to help progress the medical industry. The EiS program began as an NSERC-funded Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program designed to foster innovation in medical technology by training biomedical engineers in clinical environments. He developed two types of sub-wavelength grating-based sensors, which present an improved sensitivity compared to conventional counterparts. I joined UBC in September 2014 as a Master of Applied Science (MASc) student in the Mechanical Engineering program and graduated in August 2016. Please check with your prospective graduate program for specific details of the funding provided to its PhD students. In my practice, the major clinical problems that I faced involved the interaction of the human body with biomaterials. Recent research highlights include: Some research projects also require targeted research assistance and thus hire graduate students on an hourly basis. The School of Engineering is an integral part of the Faculty of Applied Science at UBC. PHD Rotation Student - Biomedical Engineering - Research Position - UBC - Vancouver - Canada In 2012, I completed my BSc in biophysics at UBC and began graduate studies in biomedical engineering. Originally from Zürich, Switzerland, he conducts research in the Molecular Mechatronics Laboratory supervised by Dr. John Madden. MASc/PhD Application Instructions. UBC stories In a general way, the best part of this program is the potential we all have to make a change in people’s lives. It emphasizes a balance of biomedical engineering and life science study with a focus on clinical and industrial application. His findings revealed the unknown failure process of current materials used in hip implants and called for the development of new materials in the future. Non-Invasive Migraine Monitoring Technique. UBC’s School of Biomedical Engineering offers MEng, MASc, and PhD programs for people wishing to pursue further degrees. These statistics show data for the Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering (PhD). His research identified the physical parameters affecting the stresses experienced by the aneurysm and blood flow. The EiS program began as an NSERC-funded Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program designed to foster innovation in medical technology by training biomedical engineers in clinical environments. Recent graduates have gone on to work at BCIT, Phillips, and Precision Nanosystems. Many professors are able to provide Research Assistantships (GRA) from their research grants to support full-time graduate students studying under their direction. NOTE: The instructions on this page are for MASc and PhD applicants only.Students interested in applying for our professional programs (MEng or MEL) should visit our Applications and Admissions information page, which will point you to the application instructions for each specific program..

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