There are many pigments that are opaque in watercolor but transparent or semi-transparent in oil paints. Artistic Lineage:    Art Brands Top^ names), Utrecht Designer Gouche (Web**), MSDS (PDF w/ CI Names). Pigments and their Chemical and Artistic Properties; A History of Pigment Use in Western Art Part 1; A History of Pigment Use in Western Art Part 2, Health & Safety Bibliographic Resources and Resource Guides in Art Conservation, Health and Safety Guides and Publications, Online Health and Safety in the Arts Library, D5517-07 Standard Test Method for Determining Extractability of Metals from Art Materials, D6901-06 Standard Specification for Artists' Colored Pencils. A US maker of natural pigments & oil paint made from scratch using raw minerals and ore in the way of the old masters. Genesis Artist Colors:     Art Brands Top^ PBr = Pigment Brown; These are the basic chemical names, or mineral names along with chemical composition. CI names are on their site. PDF) (2012 Eng.PDF)  (2007 PDF), Aquarell 1862 (German 2012 PDF) (English PDF)  (2007 PDF)  |  Aquarell Studio (German 2012 PDF)  (2007 PDF), Cryl Pastos Acrylics (2012 German PDF)  (2007 PDF)  |  Cryl Studio Acrylics (2012 PDF) (2007 PDF), Gouache (2007 PDF) Studio Gouache (Eng. Clicking on the paint or pigment manufacturer code next to the pigment name will take you off site where more information can be found. Color Charts with Colour Index names are on their website. Complete Catalog (PDF) Has CI names & other info towards the end. • Comes in attractive cardboard box • Suitable for gift-giving! Scuola Semi-Professional Acrylic (PDF, Old. Their full catalog here (PDF in E-Book form), (2016 PDF), Catalog Addendum (PDF) has color index names for Richeson Oils and Steven Quiller Watercolors, Richeson Artist Oils Shiva series (Web), Color Chart with CI (PDF), MSDS, Quiller Watercolor Color Chart (Web), (PDF w/ CI pigment names), Quiller Acrylics Colors (Web) (2006 PDF w/CI), Shiva PaintStik Color Chart (Web), (2012 PDF**). In particular the quality of the actual pigment manufacture has much influence on a pigments fastness to light, heat and other chemicals. Tri-Art:     Art Brands Top^ Jackson's E-Book Catalogs 3620 mates are fan of these paints from Tamiya. Roberson Oil Colours Proffesional Artst paint (p. 18 Refer to the e-Catalog Above**), Roberson ‘Charles’ Oil Colours (p.20 Refer to the e-Catalog Above), Dry Pigments (p.22 Refer to the e-Catalog Above). I have not included detailed chemical descriptions or analyses, but only basic information that should help you to find further information. This brand is very unique and exquisite! PG = Pigment Green; Hasegawa) as "black numbers in white boxes". I feel single pigments paints are necessary to get clean mixes when mixing your own paint. Color Index names can be found by selecting the watercolor hue image, but CI names are visable on the most of the handpainted swatches in the product photos. The technical specifications are on a sperate page on composition and light fastness and some of the Leaflet PDF files. Most of their site is currently only in french, I added a few English translated links. C.I. :     Art Brands Top^ This is the C.I. Charvin Extra-Fine Acrylics (Web**), PDFs' w/ CI names (PDF) (alt PDF) (alt PDF), Extra-fine Gouaches (Web**)  |  Charvin Pigments (Web**). A lot of her products are sold in Michael's Craft supply stores in the US. 4 = trans. Jual beli online aman dan nyaman hanya di Tokopedia. Portland, Oregon USA maker of Artist grade oil paints with a mission is to lead oil painting and printmaking into the future using safer and more permanent pigments and mediums.

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