But periodic testing of the condenser in the car might (sometimes) disclose a deteriorating condition before it actually fails. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Any sudden changes in temperature indicate a restriction in the condenser. With so many components making up the A/C system, it’s likely that the condenser isn’t your problem at all. Parts of the AC system can reach well over 150 degrees Fahrenheit so be very careful when coming in contact with parts of the system. Ideally, there should be no breeze or wind. The pressure sensor for the system also presents a popular place to find leaks check at the base and at the electrical connector. The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Car AC Repair. An air conditioning system pressure switch can disrupt the circuit if certain pressures are not met or if the switch is failing. Step #1: With a fully charged A/C system, spray a water and heavy soap mixture on the components of the car’s air conditioning system. © You will need a set of AC pressure gauges to check the following. Step 2: Install the gauges. Having some knowledge about how the air conditioning works in your vehicle can help you get the system functioning again. Warning: Never add anything but the recommended refrigerant to the AC system. Allow the system to continue running and check the temperature of the air coming out of the dash vents making sure it is cold. This system can be extremely complex, and takes numerous other tools and repair manuals to correctly diagnose in most vehicles. Turn off the engine so that the moving parts under your hood are stationary. Step 2: Disconnect low side gauge. When the condenser leaks, depending where and how big the leak is, all of the high pressure refrigerant can and will eventually leak out, disabling the entire AC system. If there was not pressure found during your test then the system is empty and there is a leak. Step 3: Observe the pressure readings on the gauges. If your AC system has either quit working or has stopped working well, you're faced with driving your vehicle around with the windows down - which brings little relief when it is hot outside. Having a Car AC condenser leak is a very common problem. Find the condenser inside the protective cover beside the radiator grille. Step 1: Turn the engine off and install the gauge set. What Happens When Rack and Pinion Goes Out? Pressure gauges can be used to check the refrigerant charge. I will definitely request William in the future. Our certified mobile mechanics make house calls in over 2,000 U.S. cities. The evaporator is located inside the dash of the vehicle and is used to absorb heat from the interior of the car. When adding refrigerant to the system you want to take it slow as you do not know how much it actually needs. We highly recommend taking your vehicle to a professional mechanic that has experience with electrical systems or finding a wiring diagram for your vehicle so that you know what color wire is for what. If the readings are very high then you may have a problem with air trapped in the system or an airflow problem with the condenser. On time, courteous, didn’t sell me something I didn’t need, quick and a/c is working great! Final Note About Car A.C. Basic Car Air Conditioning Checks. The AC orifice tube / expansion device filters and regulates the … As the condenser converts refrigerant, residue tends to remain at the bottom. This is dangerous and it is illegal to vent refrigerant into the atmosphere. If you look properly, you will find a clutch in the fort part of the AC compressor. Step 7: Check the air temperature. This will keep the idle the same... Get a fair & transparent quote instantly before booking. It sounds like the system is working properly. Install the charging kit to the low side connection on the AC system. If the reading is above 50 psi and the compressor is not engaging then there is either a problem with the compressor or you have an electrical system failure that needs to be diagnosed. Warning: Always wear safety glasses when servicing any pressurized system. However if the fans do not work properly the vehicle will overheat. These higher pressures are noticed on both the high and low side. Checking a Car’s AC Compressor 1. Open the engine hood and get access to the radiator system of the vehicle. You need to determine if there is refrigerant in the system. Many vehicles even have open spaces in the grill or the bumper to allow for maximum air flow. Typically, this results from a defective or failing compressor that breaks apart. Reason 1: Voltage. If there is a problem with the AC compressor, your car’s AC system will not deliver cold air and may even cause the engine to stall if the compressor gets stuck. Warning: Do not check for pressure by pressing on the fitting to see if refrigerant comes out. If the air conditioning still does not work as desired further testing is needed. Best and most honest mechanic I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. A non-contact infrared thermometer can be used to check for restrictions. Learn how to check the condenser for potential issues that could damage the AC system in your car. If the pressures do not change at all when the compressor engages then the compressor has failed or there is a problem with the metering device. My back in the cold ✊, Ford Thunderbird - Car AC Repair - Winter Park, Florida. While it might look like an easy solution, be forewarned, you might end up with bigger problems. The fans are designed to turn on when the engine reaches a certain temperature. The compressor clutch will usually be located under... 3. Testing can also verify a suspect condenser that might fail soon after installation. The air conditioning system is filled with high pressure refrigerant, and can operate at over 200 psi, which can be very dangerous. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - Car AC Repair - Orlando, Florida. Observe the gauge on the kit and begin adding the refrigerant whether it be with a button or a trigger on the kit. See if the temperature of the air coming from the main dash vents is cold. We have some steps to help you diagnose a bad A/C condenser so you can get on with your life. Nissan Altima - Car AC Repair - Winter Park, Florida. This is known as a metering tube or an expansion valve and can be located either under the dash or under the hood near the fire wall. This is usually done through the low pressure service port. If the system was empty then it will need to be fully evacuated and recharged. Step 5: Observe. He explained his work in detail and, explained why he made the recommendations for the future. It often gets hit with debris and small rocks which can cause a leak. William did an awesome job & explained the repairs to me in lay terms. Once you find the leak repair it as needed. A slipping belt also won’t drive the compressor reliably. Below is a guide on how you can check your AC system’s pressure readings with the use of a pressure gauge, as well as a detailed explanation of what certain readings mean and the best way to fix the problem your car might be dealing with. Repairs covered by 12-month/12,000-mile warranty. See How To Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioner for … Reason 3: Input issue. Airflow problems can be caused by anything from a blower motor problem to an electrical issue or a module failure. If your system begins to leak, this failing part could allow moisture, dirt and dust into the system and lead to blockage. Warning: Never install the gauges with the system running. The condenser tubes can’t be replaced, so you need a new condenser if it cracks or breaks. The expereience was great and I would recomend Edmundas to all of my associates. If low, add refrigerant to bring the system up to full charge. It is controlled by a clutch system wherein its shaft is connected and disconnected to the rotating shaft of the flywheel by an electromagnetic switch. Get your tools gathered and start the hunt.

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