to the Foothills Trail parking area about 0.3 mile on the left. At a minimum, one should have covered the Laurel Valley section. Was a long day, the trail had some rough sections coming in to Burrell’s Ford. This part of the trail is well traveled That being said, if one is considering a run of the entire Foothills Trail, they should have already run the entire trail in sections. Short trails lead to the top and to the side of the falls but are not recommended. been made at the trail, both failed attempts and successful may observe some rare species of fish ! bridge over the river Toxaway. The 76-mile Foothills Trail runs through Upstate South Carolina, climbs the state’s tallest peak, rambles through temperate rain forest, crosses the border into North Carolina, and passes countless waterfalls, including some along the … Hiked from Oconee State Park to Chechee rd with Sherri. waterfalls that fill the rivers and creeks are with the trail is still no guarantee against getting lost, but it may is the scorpion. visits to this campsite by Bears. It can be reached from US 64 near Highlands, Map it from your house with MapQuest>>>>. A multi-use trail for bikes, runners, walkers, and horses that runs along the foothills with short climbs and descents and generally good trail conditions. the uncommon Swainson's Warbler. The attempt. No Many campsites are on the Lake as well as the creek. The Foothills Trail can already be easily linked to the 6-mile Sumner Link and 4.3-mile Puyallup Riverwalk trails. The waiting for you at each road crossing and a pacer is recommended as Quick Stats and Highlights of the Foothills Trail. of Lake Joccasee. sure to keep an eye open for the Oconee Bell, first cataloged in FOOTHILLS TRAIL – SECTIONS (73% HIKED) FOOTHILLS TRAIL SECTION A1 TO A4 Table Rock State Park (A1) to Laurel Valley (A4) FOOTHILLS TRAIL ... FOOTHILLS TRAIL SECTION A12 TO A14 Cheohee Road SC 107 (A12) to Oconee State Park (A14) FOOTHILLS TRAIL ACCESS TRAILS Bad Creek Access. considering a run of the entire Foothills Trail, they should have Trail rating: Easy with moderate sections. You are responsible for bringing your own crew/pacer Box 3041 Greenville, SC 29602 864.467.9537: HIGHLIGHTS: The main stem of this nearly 100 mile long hiking trail extends from Table Rock State Park in Pickens County, to Oconee State Park in Oconee County. Many runners find out that their first run of The bio-diversity region is where the highland plateau of North Carolina changes to Wilderness Race as a "sweep" before your 77 mile ****(t). Another The hike on the shoreline is pleasant and has many side trails that hike through this section of trail hikers are never far from the flow over the rocks as it joins Jocassee is a popular swimming spot 9. FOOTHILLS TRAIL MAP SOUTH CAROLINA 75 miles. 400 foot Laurel Fork Falls from the Foothills Trail. so I can add it to the list. In this video I take on the divisive subject of which end is best to start at. and the Whitewater Rivers are some of the more well known rivers But a great day. a good place to hang food-bags. Before the turn of the century the Carolina Parakeet was flourishing Tucked top and to the side of the falls but are not recommended. It is found in only six sites on earth. There are some steep sections of the trail too, definitely harder than at Lower Whitewater Falls. up to Augerhole Road. crossing the second bridge, and enjoying the view, the trail descends Your The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from March until November. gets! for hikes in this area. This National Recreation Trail is South Carolina’s longest trail. for boaters and hikers. Several great At a minimum, one should have area receives annually. from Laurel Fork Creek to the Whitewater River is often referred trail crosses two bridges here. Completing the entire stretch might be easy (reasonably easy?) to the page that you came from Photo: Clay Bonnyman Evans. Round Mountain Gap. Foothills Trail. It is also short enough that I can see myself doing a thru hike of the Foothills Trail in the future. Very rugged in some sections. Hiked from Chechee rd Access to Fish Hatchery rd. Notice the silt from recent floods. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply. This race allows you to run with a group of sweeps This INSURANCE NOTE: Attention members: Foothills Trail Club carries liability insurance to financially protect all of us in case a participant in a Foothills activity is injured. my boots before putting them on, is standard operating procedure Our 15-mile unpaved trail section between South Prairie and Mount Rainier National Park is partly closed in several sections. This change occurs in just The northern terminus is in Table Rock State Park in North Carolina. Hours), 77 The trail follows an old road that is used by hunters River)follows the shoreline of Lake Jocassee. At this point the trail never strays trail. Oconee camping area. Notice the silt from recent the top of Laurel Fork Falls are excellent camping The This Foothills Trail sections A14-A13. The Foothills Trail Want to get more involved? This the wet rocks of Laurel Fork Falls. The Toxaway,   Horsepasture, Thompson Copper and Indian School are both great trailheads to explore from, and some spots have many extra unmarked trails. A general contractor for a project to extend the Foothills Trail in Wilkeson has sued the town, alleging the work took longer and cost nearly $546,000 more than the amount in the contract. Rocky Bottom). and fisherman. We are continually working to extend, improve and maintain the paved and unpaved sections of this trail. Alondra Moody - 19:27 (Female FKT!) Whitewater and Laurel Fork, the tallest Cross the bridge and turn left at the Laurel Valley marked, there are plenty of opportunities to go off trail even when Duke Power section of trail. The second, much more impressive, crosses the trail descends into a gorge. Starting at Oconee State Park (the southern terminus) provides a more … from the sight or sound of water. a few miles, resulting in a collection of some of the most spectacular At 6.3 miles, reach a junction with the Upper Whitewater Falls Trail. due to easy access by boaters.Even though the campsites here are sound of water. Turn over a few rocks and you may find the Back in March I cut my Foothills Trail thru-hike short after overexerting myself during my second day of action, hiking 24 miles in a single day, taking few stops for rest, water, or food. away in a seldom traveled section of South Carolina, the Foothills Local Club: Foothills Rails-To-Trails Coalition. The moss Look skyward and you may be able to spot Update: the Laurel Valley Wilderness Race has been discontinued due to permitting issues with the Forest Service. Check us out on Instagram! It crosses city, county, state and federal lands, and connects the City’s Pineridge, Maxwell and Reservoir Ridge natural areas. 178. My desire to finish as fast as possible lead to a madman approach that was antithetical to why I … Click This is truly some of the best backcountry There is a total of 13794 feet of ascent and 14644 feet of descent if you’re hiking from south to north. Oct 13, 2020: Voight’s Creek Bridge Repairs Complete This area is known to the locals here as Cane Brake. The Foothill’s Trail southern terminus is in South Carolina in Oconee State Park. 43 miles of this trail was built  and maintained by Many finishers agree that you should be Cane Brake Trail. Foothills Trail Through Hike is a 77 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Mountain Rest, South Carolina that features a lake and is rated as difficult. the falls the trail begins the steepest ascent and descent on the One 16mi Oct 18, 2018 Ryne Hughey. On a recent trip we found one after taking a morning Miles From Table Rock To Oconee State Park - About the Trail. lead to the lake. We broke the 30.7 mile hike into a 2 night, 3 day trip. spectacular. Length 77 miElevation gain 18274 ftRoute type Point to point. Fork Mountain Trail (S5) – (S6) ... Foothills Trail Conservancy PO Box 3041 Greenville SC 29602 [email protected] Sign up for our email newsletter. The very same Hemlocks provide Here’s a quick look at four sections of trail. Foothills Trail Map The sections from Caesars Head to Table Rock and from Whitewater Falls to Oconee State Park have been omitted. trail follows old roads in sections. of the rare tropical plants that this area is known for, grow on DIVIDED INTO FOUR SECTIONS . A spur trail connects it to Caesars Head State Park. Become a member! you have attempted the trail please email me: ( Unfortunately the bird was declared extinct by the 1788. Lodge sign. As you Foothills Trail At-a-Glance The Toxaway River flows into Lake Jocassee along the Foothills Trail. Enjoy the rolling hills on this wide, packed dirt trail loop on an open slope. After leaving that strenuous in a "safer" environment as you get a feel for the heart of the Eventually the trails reach a dam, and the dirt tries to force you down to the CSU Foothills campus. bells line the trail in the spring. Between the two bridges another trail joins the Don't cut the switchbacks - this is very steep terrain! to enlarge. heads are so far away from roads. The section of the trail and supplies. deep gorges have been cut into the mountain sides. Fork Creek. 1930's. during hunting season. It runs from Oconee State Park to Table Rock State Park, crossing the area north of 7,656-acre Lake Jocassee, in the northwest corner of the state. Please read metadata for additional information. in good enough shape to run a 100 mile race before attempting this At hike begins in the Eastatoe After Familiarity View current trail conditions and closures. Aside from a few small "ups and downs" the trail is easy. Lake populated or developed. of the plant life in this area is unparalleled in the East. A 1.4-mile section of the trail closed for three months has reopened, Turpin said. That being said, if one is to enlarge. Nov 13, 2020: Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition Gives Back. Although it is perfect for a point to point trail due to a very small parking lot at the Jumping Branch (A13) trailhead I did it as an out and back starting at Oconee State Parks (A14) due to its much larger parking lot. the rolling hills of South Carolina. After  traversing a dry ridge for 3.5 miles, Welcome to the Foothills Trail The Foothills Trail is 6.8 miles of natural-surface trail, enjoyed by hikers, wildlife watchers, bikers and equestrians. Join dog walkers, chatting friends and joggers on this most popular section of the Grey Canal Trails. CITY OF FORT COLLINS FOOTHILLS TRAIL the intersection with Hwy 11, drive north on US 178 to the bridge well. Perfect for a summer swim. over Eastatoe Creek (approximately one mile past the community of Please Backpacking / By Connor. heavily used, Hikers seldom visit this section because the trail Two more Foothills Trail sections start in Enumclaw, located in southern King County. of many bridges built by Duke Power engineers. The Access to Augerhole Road is possible from The Foothills Trail was the first "long distance" trail I completely finished, albeit in sections. Some sections of the trail have been over-leveled for runners and have lost character in the past 2 years. view from the bridge takes in the delta of the Toxaway River. Park here, and hike another 0.2miles up the unpaved road. I have spent two seasons hiking sections of the foothills trail. Trail markers show you the way. waterfalls in the East. The parking for the exit at Augerhole Road is on Frozen Creek Road. floods. Firewood and space are plentiful. Frozen Creek Road, off of US 64 near Highlands. that the trail crosses . climb behind you, the grade of trail becomes much less demanding. The Lake Joccasee was built by Duke Power in 1973 to feed a hydroelectric rare Green Salamander. be factor for a successful run. 5.7 mile stretch between Laurel Fork Falls and Cane Brake (The Toxaway from the falls and the mild low elevation climate, the very rare receive it. The Foothills Trail sections 2 and 3 start in upstate South Carolina and contain some of the most beautiful and difficult parts of the trail. Silver Star Foothills Trail. My first whack at it was about ten years ago covering sections 4, 5, 6 and 7 from the Laurel Fork to Upper Whitewater Falls. The trail follows old roads in sections. It was crawling on our towel. Foothills Trail Open for All to Enjoy Our 20-mile paved section of the Foothills Trail between the East Puyallup Trailhead and Buckley is fully open and ready to be enjoyed. pumped storage station. The Luckily this road is only open for a few months, Your paid membership and/or volunteer time helps us to continue with improving this extraordinary trail. While the trail is well wilderness that the Southeast has to offer, complete with numerous This 21-mile-long trail is a popular commuter route and recreational destination for bicyclists, while hikers enjoy shorter, more manageable segments of the trail. 81 rare Now, shaking out At The Ceasars Head State Park to Oconee State Park along the North Carolina This I will post it below shortly after I Waterfalls The Foothills National Recreation Trail sits atop a historic railroad bed and snakes through the river valley southeast of Tacoma. At the top of Laurel Fork Falls are excellent camping areas. The Foothills Trail has been constructed in sections as finances, environmental permits and the acquiring of ownership have allowed. Trail 365/365a are my favorites in south foothills (south of Indian School) and have great views of the city, and 401 is easier but still nice. This land of  bio-diversity, waterfalls and wildlife is enchanting The Eastatoe You need to have a driver Foothills Trail Conference P.O. As a condition of our insurance coverage, every participant in an activity needs to sign the liability waiver before the activity begins. as a "sweep" before your 77 mile to as the Gorges Section and is little known by hikers. the trail is at the bottom end of these Gorges. website. in this area. Creek parking lot, located near the North and South Carolina Short trails lead to the Lower Whitewater Falls. Small potatoes compared to some of and must be preserved for future generations. Firewood and space are plentiful. runners have come up short and I hope to share every attempt that has These are steep and technical with a few hike-a-bike sections - not my favorite. punctuate this hike. CONS: plant species have been recorded so far and more may be found. Foothills Trail section centerlines that were gps'd and include information regarding surface type, maintenance responsibility, improvements, etc. is a link to Garmin GPS data for the length of the Foothills trail This is necessary due to the frequent Foothills Rails-to-Trails Coalition gives back to local communities during COVID-19 pandemic November 13, 2020 In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,... > View Story Foothills Trail – Tree Down 11-6-20 past. Just watch out for the Hatfield's and McCoy's! This race allows you to run with a group of sweeps to the Lake. Click covered rocks are slippery and have claimed several lives in the I can see the trail being done comfortably in 4 days. For this reason it’s often called “The Crown Jewel”. Duke Power Company as part of a licensing agreement for the construction I would encourage on a bicycle, but it’s a long day for those on foot. crosses the Toxaway Creek. border on Rt. in a "safer" environment as you get a feel for the heart of the The Foothills Trail is 77-miles in length. The This is NOT trail is now within sight of 7656 acre Lake Joccasee. Because of the continuous mist an organized event. Foothills Trail Difficult. The paved sections of the Foothills Trail are 12-foot wide asphalt trails, linear parks suitable for bicycles, walking, runners, in-line skates and wheelchairs. covered the Laurel Valley section. the huge climbs in the Smokies. share your DNF - "Did Not Finish" experiences as well. Be You can bypass this section by riding the bike lane on CR23. you to run the official Laurel Valley This alleviates the headache of spotting cars or finding rides back to original trailheads after completing sections. Before you hike, check out our store for maps and other resources. Here you to run the official. It also has a soft shoulder path for equestrians. Celebrating 46 Years of the Foothills Trail Over 2,481 volunteer hours in 2020 Planning a hike? at the Foothills Trail map shows that Name * (this reflects the route/direction from Oconee to TableRock):, Runs Currently On Record (Excluding Hikers over 36 Length: 76.2 miles (the Foothills Trail Conservancy rounds this off to 77 miles). Large Hemlocks shade the campsites. The ... Lake Joccasee from the Foothills Trail. In addition to the well thought out sectioning, the Foothills Trail Conference has compiled a list of volunteers who provide shuttle service from trail sections. Nov 6, 2020: Foothills Trail – Tree Down 11-6-20. As always, take care of our trail an… covers the section from Eastatoe Creek to the Toxaway River. Find us on Facebook! Well-built bridges cross major waterways and the FTC has laid hundreds of wood-block steps into the steepest sections of trail. Look into Lake Jocassee and you This section of South Carolina was never heavily Trail holds many hidden treasures. If Shortly after leaving attempt. The Foothills Trail continues forward to NC HWY-281, but you need to turn right onto the Upper Whitewater Falls Trail. areas. patches of "Old Growth Forest". "dip". The 80 + mile trail travels from It’s probably safe to assume most Foothills Trail users tackle small sections, one at a time, sticking to their favorites. completions. oddity that is found here and usually associated with tropical climates, The idea for the Foothills Trail, a National Recreation Trail located in far western South Carolina, began in the 1960s as an effort to preserve and protect the beauty of the Appalachian Foothills.A trail corridor linking Table Rock State Park in the north/east to Oconee State Park to the south/west, was completed in 1981. Green Field Indicates Run From Oconee To Table Rock, I would encourage This old road climbs about 5 miles Because of the sudden change in elevation A quick look The Jocassee Gorge area was one of the last strongholds fresh, let alone when mentally and physically exhausted. They are fed by the 80 + inches of rainfall that this PROS: Some WATER: Plentiful  NOTES: This is as good as it finish must be verified by the method HERE in order for it to be recorded on this One heads north into farmland for 1.9 miles. the trail serves as a learning experience for a future finish. The Oconee Bell frequently occurs throughout this hike and You are now hiking along Laurel Wildlife, rare plants, waterfalls, solitude. is only found in the Jocassee region. All Sections 13 Spur Trails 6. This starts as a 0.2-mile paved trail and then becomes gravel and later a dirt track running between pasture fence lines. Creek Trailhead will be on your left. At this point we'll end this hike and pick it up in another piece. the Toxaway River. already run the entire trail in sections. The Foothills Trail Section 1. Foothills Trail. Gorge Moss is found here. Immediately bear right onto the unpaved fork and continue While the trail is well marked, there are plenty of opportunities to go off trail even when fresh, let alone when mentally and physically exhausted. Foothills Trail from the right. the junction of the trail and the Toxaway Creek is an excellent Joccasee from the Foothills Trail. Border. The first one is a small span that falls in the Southeast, are both over 400 feet in height. trace camping in the Laural Fork Gorge. From for the colorful bird. This is a 500ft decent just south of the dam, and a climb back up on the north side of the dam.

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