We’re not sure what happened to the Doverspikes, but they left behind a pile of loot and a few surprises for and cultist or player that tries to sneak into their secret sanctuary. You’ll find the stash quest prompt if you chill out near Rae-Rae’s farm long enough, so if you haven’t snagged Boomer yet, go grab him and mill around the area until the random event pops up enough. Fortunately, we’ve managed to round up every location on the map for you, so you can get looting. This cache is located at Sunrise Threshing, a small granary about a kilometer east of Fall’s End. You’ll need to power the door (along with a host of faulty wiring) to access the stash. 666. So wanted to 100% this region before leaving. When you arrive, there will be your usual mix of cultist trash milling about along with a few rattlesnakes, clear the area and check the cache note on a large stone at the entrance to the farm. maybe thats an incorrect assumption though The next stash on our list is a breeze to snag, but does require lockpicking or a comparable skill. Created Aug 30, 2011. Fortunately, it’s only one skill point, and this stash has three skill books as a reward, so you’ll still come out ahead. You will however find the stash prompt at the top of the tower, which indicates you’ll need to take a trip down the zipline to the left of the note if you want your loot. Far-cry-5-prepper-stash-locations-11.jpg Far Cry 5 has 14 Silo Locations exclusive to John’s Region. Slide down the latter into the flooded bunker and make a beeline for the desk across the room where you’ll find the keycard you’re looking for. 3. Be sure to at least pick up the bow on the wall while you’re at it, even if you would rather swap it back for your previous weapon. Next I did Jacob’s region which in my opinion was the worst of the three. User Info: jeffdmaples. Turn around and aim towards where a door handle would normally be, and take a few shots until you get a quest update or until you see sparks that look like a lock shattering. This one’s straightforward, and just involves a trip down a series of ziplines that take you all the way from Lincoln Lookout Tower to a silo in a small farm where you’ll find the actual stash. The good news is you only need to move it a few feet to access the hatch. If you read the note nearby it’ll tell you that a lone survivor noticed the cultists have trouble swimming when they’re high on Bliss. John is a cult lawyer prepared to defend his family through the legal system. It’ll prompt you to look for a hidden mine and a pile of cached explosives. From there, hop down into the flooded section of the construction site, and take note of the location of the locked door to the left and then make your way to the circuit breaker to the right. the comics and lighters are scattered all over the map, not just in that 1 region. Kaschar. I must be blind because I don't see it anywhere on the map...but I'm only looking in Faith's region because I've completed John's already. PC Stadia Xbox One. This prepper stash is actually Grace’s bunker located in the burnt out remains of her old home and fortunately, aside from the guards, it’s not difficult to snag. I’m pretty sure you don’t need the prompt to complete the quest, but if you’re having trouble it’s always a good call to find the quest prompt. The door should now be unlocked and you’re free to snag all the gear you need for your war with the cultists. The whole map is accessible from the start (after prologue). From there, climb through a few sets of scaffolding, and you’ll fall through a weak piece of wood and land smack dab in the center of the stash. Static Frequency. It’s best to cook the dynamite for a second or so before throwing for the best results. Be prepared for a wolverine (not the Marvel variety) to charge you as soon as you do. To get started, make your way west of Fall’s End to the Hope County Jail Bus. You’ll find the first stash note in their front room, but you can also find a safe in the back, a cache of supplies in the attic, and a few more odds and ends spread around the house. Your goal is the bunker underneath the trailer, and a nearby note implies that you can move it by hitching it to a truck. The note informs you that the bunker is out back is flooded, and if you make your way out to the shed you’ll find that not only is that the case, but the key to the pumphouse is down in the bunker itself. If you stay stealthy and don’t cause an alarm you earn bonus money so this is also a decent way to farm for cash. Once you return to the bunker, activate the yellow valve on the red pipes to the left and the water will drain away. This Prepper stash is buzzing with enemies large and small, but fortunately fire will take care of both the cultists and the bees guarding this stash, so we recommend bringing several Molotov’s and the materials to make more in case things get dicey. He can’t, because he’s about to be dead, but you certainly can. Climb in, and then navigate through the various nooks and crannies until you arrive at the burnt out remains of the kitchen. Welcome to Hope County, Montana, land of the free and the brave, but also home to a fanatical doomsday cult—known as The Project at Eden’s Gate—that is threatening the community's freedom. Make your way back to the ladder and climb up to the surface, then use the key to unlock the door to the pumphouse and switch everything on. Far Cry 5 Interactive Map - All Cult Shrines, Perk Magazines, Vietnam Lighters, Prepper Stashes & more! Make your way to Dodd’s Dumps north of Fall’s End, and when you arrive, check out the note beside the small construction office on the north side of the site to learn that the cache is hidden in an ex-foreman’s office. Yara Military. Far Cry 5. Prepper stashes are caches of supplies spread throughout the map that not only give you a massive boost in cash and supplies, but also contain skill magazines you can read for special perks and free skill points. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Far Cry 5 has 16 Shrine Locations exclusive to Faith’s Region and 2 on Dutch’s Island. Top posts april 1st 2018 Top posts of april, 2018 Top posts 2018. Once the water rises, swim across and enter the cavern beyond to claim your reward. Says I have 49/52 missions done. 2 years ago. You’ll find the location of the stash just north of Fall’s End at Deep North Irrigation Reservoir, it’s easy to spot once you get close, just look for a tower on the edge of a small lake. Far Cry 5 All Prepper Stashes in Holland Valley John's Region - YouTube. It should be just to the right of the front door. John came to underst… To get started, make your way to the Grain Elevator west of Fall’s End, it’s just east of the river in this region so if you’re having trouble finding it follow the water from Fall’s End until you find a large bridge over a valley. You can actually see the pipe from the camp if you look to the south near the edge of the river, so hop down the cliff and make your way inside. You’ll find the cue for the stash in the radio tower on the north side of the island, at which point you can zipline down to the bunker itself from the top of the tower. Once you reach the top of the scaffolding you should see a rappel point to the north on the bottom of the bridge. Two of … Make your way through the fire and barricades using meds as necessary until you reach the room with the locked door, which will cue the sprinklers to cool things down a bit. From there carefully follow the climbing paint and blue bars to make your way to the top of silo where you can claim your prize.

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