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Sainte Foy Sainte Foy : Action taken for respect of the environment.

Sainte Foy organises 2 citizens’ days a year with the help of volunteers. These days, which consist of a major cleanup of the resort, are reinforced by education programs in the winter: “the mountain is not a dustbin” stickers on lift pylons; “swallow” (with the association Mountain riders); and by the installation of dustbins at the top of chairlifts.

The community of Sainte Foy respects the environment. Their three ski run grooming machines’ hydraulics run on environmentally friendly vegetable oil and the engines meet the European anti-pollution norms

To compensate for those areas that have been cleared of vegetation for ski runs, the commune have decided to list the forests of Grand Bois and the Monal as protected forests. Skiing is prohibited in these forests.
For each new run, or new lift, compensatory measures must be taken by order of the public service.
In this way, the commune of Sainte Foy and the National Forest Office will, in 2007, complete the program of replanting begun in 2005. At the rate of 200 to 800 trees a year, there will be 3800 young evergreens growing around the slopes and runs.
The new Marquise chairlift was the subject of environmental impact studies on the fauna and flora.
Within the framework of the compensatory measures linked to the Marquise chairlift, the commune of Sainte Foy will construct a new alpine chalet and an impluvium (an artificial basin filled by rainwater to supply water for herds in the alpine meadows) in order to help maintain the local agricultural tradition. A large program of reforestation has also been undertaken (in addition to the 3800 plants mentioned above).